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We are audio video professionals that are truly passionate about what we do and we really care about the final results of our work! The quality is our main goal: delivering the best possible vision to every single work and client.

With every single project we are striving to diversity. The testimonials of our achievements are the prizes we have been awarded.

We are always looking forward for the best to come with our new projects. With every single one of them we form a team that is relevant with the specific needs and goals, so they could be brought to life in the best possible way that fits the brand/message. We create an unique atmosphere and style. For every project we have different approach, so we achieve the best final product that we are proud with.

We make the ordinary look extraordinary!

Awards and recognitions

  • Slon/Elephant was part of Cannes Short film corner.
  • Short-length movie Paralyzed won the Audience award at Sarajevo cocktail film contest 2011 by; also was awarded with the PRIZE FOR DEBUT at the 28th edition of Golden Rhyton Bulgarian Documentary and Animation Film Festivai 2010.
  • Sinking was awarded first prize for best picture by the Master Class of Prof. Georgi Djulgerov.
  • TED won 1st place award at "Lights, camera, action!" Film contest of the Publications Office of the European Union for the online services EU Bookshop for best advertising.
  • Everything is connected won 1st prize at "Game of Luck".
  • We Participated in Berlinale Talant Campus 2011, Sarajevo Talant Campus.
  • We worked with: Natur product/ Publication Office of EU/ Bg Menu/ Barleans/ Theater Sofia / Illmate / 100Kila /Lazar Angelov.

Contact us

Ogi Kostovski
+359 888 981507